Ingmar Bergman and His Mother

  • Ingmar bergmanMom
    and Mrs Karin Bergman

    The first sentences from the Magic Lantern by Ingmar Bergman.

    When I was born in 1918, my mother has Spanish influenza. I was in a bad way and was baptized as
    a precaution at the hospital. One day the family was visited by the old house doctor, who looked at me and said
    “He’s dying of undernourishment.”

    Of his mother Ingmar wrote

    Today, as I lean over photographs of my childhood to study my mother’s face thourgh a magnifying glass, I
    try to penetrate long vanished emotions. Yes, I loved her and she is very attractive in the photograph, with her thick centre-parted hair above a broad forehead, her soft oval face, gentle sensual mouth, her warm unaffected gaze below dark shapely eye-brows, her small strong hands.

    Ingmar Bergman and Peter Sellers

    Peter Sellers did not show up in his memoir The Magic Lantern. Peter was a strange man who did not seem to know himself.

    Unknown Peter Sellers (youtube)<> part II, part III