James Baldwin and Marlon

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James Baldwin August 2, 1924

Baldwin and Marlon (Dangerous Minds – civil rights 1963)


Go Tell It on the Mountain, which Baldwin had worked on for years under various titles, was finally finished during a trip to Switzerland. When New York publisher Alfred Knopf expressed interest in publishing the work, Baldwin returned to America on a ticked bought with a loan from Marlon Brando. His novel was published a year later in 1953 and received rave reviews. (via)

  • James Baldwin published “A Talk to Teachers” in The Saturday Review of Dec. 21, 1961. The essay was originally delivered as an address in New York City on Oct. 16, 1963, titled “The Negro Child: His Self-Image.”

    See a photo of James Baldwin with Marlon Brando and Charles Heston (Strange to see Charles Heston there with them).

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