WWII – Courageous Women, Nancy Wake & Lee Miller

Heroine Wake a ‘role model for courage’

“They could not catch her,” he said.
“Whenever somebody dobbed her in, they would go there and she would be gone. Nancy would get away from them.
“The world offered a reward for anyone who could catch The White Mouse. They grabbed her husband, Henri, and the Gestapo tortured him to death.”

Nancy Wake 1Nancy-Wake

Farewell to Nancy Wake, the mouse who ran rings around the Nazis
The WW2 resistance heroine, who has died aged 98, was ‘a force of nature’ who topped the Gestapo’s most-wanted list

Charlotte Gray

The story is thought to be based on the exploits of Nancy Wake, codenamed the white mouse, a member of the resistance in war time France and Pearl Cornioley, a British secret service agent.

  • Lee Miller Lee Miller photograph by Man Ray (repost) by Man Ray
    Lives of Lee Miller –


    Lee Miller taking a bath in Hitler’s bathroom.

    Portrait of Max Ernst by Lee Miller