Sophie Fiennes – Kiefer & Zizek

  • A Conversation With Sophie Fiennes (OVER YOUR CITIES GRASS WILL GROW)

    The film came about because I had met him on a few occasions through shows; his gallery knew that I liked his work. The gallery and he called me, somewhat spontaneously, saying “Come down to Barjac.” The gallery then called me back and said “He’s leaving Barjac… it’s an amazing moment and it is an extraordinary place. Why don’t you just come and see it?” So, it was a very loose invitation and when I got there I saw this extraordinary place. The filmmaker in me was completely challenged and there were so many possibilities somehow. I had to make a film there.

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    Anselm Kiefer and Sophie Fiennes

    Her mother’s death galvanised Sophie Fiennes, and now she has produced a brilliant documentary about the artist Anselm Kiefer .. (Times on Line UK)
    Sophie is the sister of the movie star Ralph Fiennes.

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