Ozu was born but..

  • Innocent children disovered the father was no hero. (A bit like how the 99% feels about our government)

    Ohoyo – Good Morning is Ozu’s hilarious Technicolor re-working of his silent I Was Born, But.. .(The younger brother says ‘I love you’.. post war Japan in danchi or suburb the kids negotiate for a TV set).

    Ozu spirit of a clown

    The clown is lonely, but he must hide his loneliness and play the fool joyfully, comically. That’s the spirit of Ozu’s film.

    Wim Wenders made two great documentaries one was Buena Vista Social Club and another Tokyo-Ga. Wim Wenders is responsible for increased attention paid to Ozu.

    Aki Kaurismaki calls Ozu a mathematician

    Jim Jarmusch on Ozu (He mentioned Kawakita Kazuko a formidable pioneer distributor of Japanese films to Europe and vice versa) in the article

    Ozu’s grave “MU’ shows up in many of these documentaries. (See here at Engakuji)

    Hou Hsiao Hsien made Cafe Lumiere as a tribute to Ozu.. (see Hou talking about Ozu)
    (Dorris Dorie, Cherry Blossoms, Wayne Wang – Dim Sum also are tribute films for Ozu)

    Claire Denis on Yasujiro Ozu

    Late Spring finale

    Floating Words (previous post on Ozu)