Hinamatsuri 2012 – Girls’ Day in Japan

Happy Hinamatsuri Day! (Japanese Girls” Day – March 3rd)

Three performances ” A Girl on Skype”



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Captive Girls (2009)

  • Update: Hirokazu Koreeda’s new film is called Air Doll or Love will Tear us Apart via (Globus Film Series)

    His 2009 film, Air Doll, examines loneliness through the eyes of a blow-up doll come to life. Bae Doona stars as Nozomi, a plastic sex toy owned by Hideo (Itsuji Itao), a restaurant worker who treats her like his wife, telling her about his day, sitting with her at the dinner table, and making love to her at night. But suddenly, one morning, Nozomi achieves consciousness, discovering that she has a heart, and she puts on her French maid costume and goes out into the world, learning about life by wandering through the streets and working in a video store, always returning home before Hideo and pretending to still be the doll.

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