Tragedy at Grand Canyon

R.I.P Ioana Elise Hociota

‘She accomplished more in 24 years than a lot of people do in a lifetime and she lived fully,’ Mr Holycross said.(read more )

She was just 80 miles short of becoming the youngest person in history to hike the Grand Canyon from end to end when tragedy struck, a loose rock some believe, tumbling her 300 feet below.

She trekked over 850 miles through the canyon’s trails while also ran in marathons, was literate in four languages and recently earned two degrees in biology and mathematics (see more photos here)

The young bride at 24 years old.

Immigrating to America with her mother and sister from Romania in 2002, she immediately fell in love with the canyons and hiked them as often as she could

Mr Holycross has since set up a scholarship in her name at Arizona State University titled the Ioana Elise Hociota Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Endowment which it is still receiving donations for.
It hopes to assist those by both need and merit base while also available to ‘immigrants who came to America with Ioana-sized dreams,’ it states.

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