Wittgenstein -2012

“A philosopher,” he wrote in 1944, “is a man who has to cure many intellectual diseases in himself before he can arrive at the notions of common sense” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Early Years

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was born in Vienna, at Alleegasse 16 (now Argentinierstraße), on 26 April 1889 at 8.30 in the evening.

  • Composite photo

    “Don’t think, look!” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

    The woman with the haunted look staring back out of the photograph has never existed. She is a composite, created by overlaying four different photos of four different faces: three sisters, all middle-aged Austrian women, and their brother, the philosophical genius Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    The tragedy of Wittgenstein’s photographs

  • Two scenes from Derek Jarman’s film ‘Wittgenstein’ (1989)

  • The House of Wittgenstein here.