Picture This – OWS May Day

  • Dinh Q. Lê
    Born in Ha-Tien, Vietnam – Dinh Q. Lê a Vietnamese American fine arts photographer, best known for his woven-photographs.

  • Hong Chun Zhang
    Via Juxtapose

    China-born, Kansas-based artist Hong Chun Zhang has a fascination with hair.

  • Paris View interview

  • Joseph Heller May 1, 1923

    Books by Josep Heller: No Laughing Matter, Now and Then,Catch 22, Something Happend, Good as Gold, God Knows, Picture This. He did screnplays for Sex & single girl, Casino Royale, Dirty Dingus Magee.

    “Do not make war in a hostile distant land unless you intend to live there. The people will outnumber you, your presence will be alarming, the government you install to keep order will not keep order, victory is impossible if the people keep fighting, there is only genocide to cope with determined military resistance.” – Picture This – Joseph Heller

    Oh, shit, sighed the elderly author and chuckled to himself once more. He was not surprised, and began to think seriously of writing the book you’ve just read’…The End..’Portrait of an artist as an old man – Joseph Helle