Ray Bradbury R.I.P

Ray Bradbury dies at 91 (NY times)

“I have fun with ideas; I play with them,” he said. “ I’m not a serious person, and I don’t like serious people. I don’t see myself as a philosopher. That’s awfully boring.” He added, “My goal is to entertain myself and others.”

Ray Bradbury

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  • Fahrenheit-451-reading-the-film

    The most notable difference is probably the fact that Clarisse dies in a hit-and-run in the novel, whereas she survives in the film. Bradbury said that although he was initially unnerved by this alteration, he came to like it and even included it in his own later stage adaptation of the novel.

    Truffaut Farenheidt 451 trailer (Truffaut suffered a conflict working with Oskar Werner who was difficult throughout the shooting. Werner was OK during the shooting of Jules et Jim)

    Nicolas Roeg on working with Francois Truffaut here

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