Henri Cartier Bresson & Martine Franck

  • (Photo by his second wife Martine Franck – pictures within picture NY-Times )

  • Henri Cartier Bresson born on August 22, 1908

  • Martine Franck dies – the photographer was more than Henri Cartier Bresson’s wife (Slate)

    Martine Frank (1938 – 2012)
    (Photo by her husband Cartier Bresson)

    Martine Franck Legacy – Time magazine

    Martine Franck wiki

  • Braille Google google braille
    – The Gift from a Blind Poet

    “One day Cartier-Bresson received a telephone call from the writer JL Borges, who wished to know whether he would be willing to accept a prize for which Borges wanted to nominate him.” (via)

  • The philosopher at his studio by Martin Franck

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