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Shomei Tomatsu – Passing of A Master Photographer – Vitro Nasu

Shomei Tomatsu – Passing of A Master Photographer

  • MoMa Collection
    Title: Christian with Keloidal Scars

  • Japanese Photography Legend Shomei Tomatsu has died.

    Shomei Tomatsu, one of the most influential Japanese photographers of his era, died on 14 December. He was 82


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    Shinjuku – Turmoil Butoh dancer Hijikata Tatsumi carrying the tree.

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    Shomei Tomatsu, Brookman noted, “transformed the notion of documentary photography from more formal concerns…into a much more emotional image-making…He didn’t simply settle into one style.”
    The latter, combined with Tomatsu’s reluctance to travel abroad, may help explain his relative obscurity in the west.”


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