Anne Waldman – Number Song -She Has Multiplied

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Happy birthday! (born on April 2, 1945)

Anne Waldman is an active member of the Outrider experimental poetry movement, and has been connected to the Beat movement and the second generation of the New York School. Her publications include Fast Speaking Woman (1975), Marriage: A Sentence (2000), and the multi-volume Iovis project (1992, 1993, 1997).

Her work as a cultural activist and her practice of Tibetan Buddhism are deeply connected to her poetry. Waldman is, in her words, “drawn to the magical efficacies of language as a political act.” Her commitment to poetry extends beyond her own work to her support of alternative poetry communities. Waldman has collaborated extensively with visual artists, musicians, and dancers, and she regularly performs internationally. (Poetry Foundation –Anne Waldman)

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  • I’ve multiplied, I’m 2.
    He was part of me
    he came out of me,
    he took a part of me
    He took me apart.
    I’m 2, he’s my art,
    no, he’s separate.
    He art one. I’m not
    done & I’m still one.
    I sing of my son. I’ve
    multiplied. My heart’s
    in 2, half to him & half
    to you,
    who are also a part
    of him, & you & he
    & I make trio of
    kind congruity.

    N U M B E R
    S O N G (Levity)