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Name These Children – May 5, 2013 – Vitro Nasu

Name These Children – May 5, 2013

Can machine think?
Google celebrates his last 100th birthday..(a must see if you missed)

Pardon a gay computer icon..

  • May 5 – Children’s Day in Japan. She loves pumpkins and polka dots

  • He was born in 1844
    He wrote “My honors are misunderstanding, persecution & neglect, enhanced because unsought.” see him with others (scroll down – a link to Walt Whitman painting)

    With her brother
    She educated Modigliani.. see his drawing here. (scroll down)

    Age four ………. Another 9-11 his life cut short.

    Madame Bibliotheque
    She wrote a book on him

    He was 9 years oldwho had 3 passions

    His message to future

    More photos of him as a child

    What he said about the next child on youtube (see photo below)

    This baby has an archive

    See her with Lord Olivier

    He too has an archive.


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