Morgana King and Why Derrida Loved Godfather I, II

  • Happy birthday Morgan King – (born June 4, 1930) is an American jazz singer and actress. Her best-known role was that of Carmela Corleone in The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather Part II

    Morgana King and Marlon Brando

    The wedding

  • Derrida loved cinema derrida and especially Godfather I, II. (Benoit Peeters Derrida Biography page 434)

    “Cinema remains for me a great hidden enjoyment, secret avid, greedy and thus infantile

    In Cinema I like there to be an intelligence that isn’t that of knowledge, or intellectual in quality, but of the way it’s directed.” “and Jean Luc Godard had not been the “slightest influence” on Derrida. Page 435..Benoit Peeter’s Derrida biography.

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