R.I.P Jacques Vergès – An Anti Colonialist Who Defended War Criminals

The lawyer who defended Klaus Barbie, Pol Pot, Slobodan Milosevic, among others has died. (the Guardian)

NY times obit

“The ideal place for the last theatrical act that was the death of this born actor who, like Voltaire, cultivated the art of permanent revolt and volte-face,” the statement said, reflecting the lawyer’s reputation for asking disturbing questions on behalf of notorious clients.

Barbet Schroeder and Jacques Vergès

“He’s a slippery man,” the director Barbet Schroeder, who made “Terror’s Advocate,” a 2007 documentary on Mr. Vergès and terrorism as a political weapon, told The New York Times in 2007. “You can never touch him. He loves the mystery. The reason is that there are certain things he cannot talk about. He would be in deep trouble if the truth came out.”

I was using Vergès as a way to tell the history of terrorism, using him to lead us into the world of terrorism. It all started with the war in Algiers. It ended with the two towers in New York. But it didn’t end with the two towers, unfortunately. Never before Algiers did you have blind terrorism attacking people in cafes who were guilty of being part of a race or group. The Palestinians after that took their lead from the Algerians. This was the story of the film, to see how terrorism evolved from the very beginning, when it was more beautiful and heroic and got corrupted rapidly

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