Spheres, Cubes by Sambre & Jackie Winsor

Sambre installation at Les Bains Douches
(clicke to see large)

Sambre is one of the many Parisian artists who work in abandoned buildings placing murals, and installations left to be found or destroyed. It is in this spirit that Les bains was able to capture one of these moments. Although breathtaking and something you might witness at a museum, the installation will be destroyed with the rest of the Art in Les bains.

(See video from the link – Les Bains Douches )
Thanks Marlene Saroff for the introduction via FB.

  • Burnt Sphere

  • Speaking about Burnt Piece

    J.W installatin at Paula Cooper Gallery

    Jaonna Mattera looking at Jackie Winsor and Tara Donovan..

    Bombsite interview

  • Happy birthday Jackie Winsor! Oct 20, 1941

    In 1979, a retrospective of her work opened at the MoMA; this was the first time the MoMA had presented a retrospective of work by a woman artist since 1946

  • Bonus links…

    The Cubes – Retrospective.. (more than 65 images of Cube art)

    Congrats to Pistoletto..and Anthony Gormley for the recognition from Japan.


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