Madeline Gins – (1941 – 2014)

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    (Photo by Kikuko Usuyama)

    Madeline Gins – Jacket obit

    Madeline Gins wiki

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  • Madeleine suggested I publish Poets’ Encyclopedia, and I did – Michael Andre

    The Poets’ Encyclopedia was, for Unmuzzled OX, a best-seller. It made me famous for a few minutes. Madeline Gins was all ideas all the time. Some years ago I encountered Madeleine and Arakawa in the street, and she asked me what I’d been doing. I just had a son, I said, joyfully. Madeleine said, “That’s terrible!” What do you mean? “It’ll keep you from your work,” she said. “But Madeleine,” said Arakawa, “it’s life!”

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