Zatoichi Actor Katsu Shintaro Entertained the Balthus Family

  • Balthus and Setsuko, Chateau-d’Oex, Switzerland, 1989 ..

    Setsuko was a painter

  • (Katsu Shintaro -wiki)

  • Harumi (Balthus daughter) is a Jewlery designer
    Beauty of Spring (Vimeo) (Created by Donatella Wenders/Mrs Wim Wenders)
    Bono makes an apperance.. and unlike Balthus little girls Harumi grew up to became a mother.

  • Rilke
    Baladine and Balthus (photo via)
    Letter to Balthus – Rilke was the lover of Baladine Klossowski, the mother of Balthus.

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  • Balthus at the Mets

  • Zatoichi meets Yojimbo