Love in the Time of Gabriel García Márquez – March 6, 1927– 17 April 2014

  • Gabriel García Márquez – March 6, 1927– 17 April 2014 (His life in pictures)

  • Gabo at Modernword homepage

    Paris Review

    I’ve always been convinced that my true profession is that of a journalist. What I didn’t like about journalism before were the working conditions. Besides, I had to condition my thoughts and ideas to the interests of the newspaper. Now, after having worked as a novelist, and having achieved financial independence as a novelist, I can really choose the themes that interest me and correspond to my ideas. In any case, I always very much enjoy the chance of doing a great piece of journalism.

  • Eerendira – a film scripted by Gabo. Irene Papas played the grandmother.

  • His controversial friendship with Castro

  • Gabo with Carlos Fuentes
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  • Photograph: Balcells Archive

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    After one hundread years of solitutude, (87 Facts about Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

    he became friends with many famous and powerful people, including, controversially, Fidel Castro.
    “Ours is an intellectual friendship. It may not be widely known that Fidel is a very cultured man. When we’re together, we talk a great deal about literature.”