Letter to Marlon + Name These Children – 2014

List of 30 Beliefs and Techniques for Prose and Life

Write in recollection and amazement for yourself
Work from pithy middle eye out, swimming in language sea
Accept loss forever
Believe in the holy contour of life

Letter to Marlon – Come on now Marlon, put up your dukes

I visualise the beautiful shots could be made with the camera on the front seat of the car showing the road (day and night) unwinding into the windshield, as Sal and Dean yak. I wanted you to play the part because Dean (as you know) is no dopey hotrodder but a real intelligent (in fact Jesuit) Irishman. You play Dean and I’ll play Sal (Warner Bros. mentioned I play Sal) and I’ll show you how Dean acts in real life, you couldn’t possibly imagine it without seeing a good imitation

  • Speaking Quebec French (youtube – a charming video)

    Marlon spoke French too (not bad)

  • In Ceylon
    His nickname was Kip

  • A Radical of the imagination ..jgballard

  • Weak body, strong soul

  • Love in the time of


  • Born in Bulgaria – she loved to think .

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