La Ricotta – Pasolini Directed Orson Welles

  • Pier Paulo Pasolini speaks. (youtube)

    “The simplest, poorest people, and the highly cultured intellectuals and artists are the most sincere, interesting people.” Pasolini said

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    Orson Welles and Pasolini

    A short film La Ricotta (full film on youtube)

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  • Film Comment Interview

    With Welles, how did you get a result you felt was fruitful?
    For two reasons—first of all in La Ricotta Welles did not play another character. He played himself. What he really did was a caricature of himself. And also because Welles, in addition to being an actor, is also an intellectual—so in reality, I used him as an intellectual director rather than as an actor. Because he’s an extremely intelligent man, he understood right away and there was no problem. He brought it off well.. It was a very brief and simple part, with no great complications. I told him my intention and I let him do as he pleased. He understood what I wanted immediately and did it in a manner that was completely satisfying to me.

    Abel Ferrara on Posolini – (Willem Dafoe as Pasolini)

    Was there any moment that you considered incorporating Pasolini’s own style into this film?

    Ferrara: Well, he’s in my DNA. I’ve been watching this guy since I was a very young filmmaker. He’s a very important filmmaker. I’ve seen all of his stuff. Maybe in this film, we’re trying to exercise what he is to me. His style of filmmaking is what we believe in. He’s a teacher, he’s a master and we’re the students. It’s as simple as that. hIl Decameron] blew my mind. It was the types of films I wanted to make and the kind of film i wanted to imagine making. His expression, his freedom, the way he filmed people.

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