Cinema Travelogue, Viggo & Alonso’s Jauja + Nietzsche Haus’ At Sils-Maria

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    Jauja: Viggo Mortensen Gets Lost in Eerie Patagonia

    I fell in love with the film as I let it carry me away into it’s dreamscapes of content desolation and bathed in it’s glorious moon beams of faintest night light. I was engaged and immersed throughout the entire film and the last 30 minutes were truly stunning.

    Brent Wills Bechtel

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    Olivier Assayas Talks the Complexities of ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ and the Genius of Kristen Stewart

    Clouds of Sils Maria

    Two other things lure people, like pilgrims, to Sils Maria. One, as the title suggests, is clouds, and the twist of nature that sends them funnelling between peaks into a thin, transcendent stream: the Maloja Snake of the play. (Assayas has unearthed lovely footage of the phenomenon, from 1924.) The second attraction is the house, now a museum and study center, where Nietzsche spent many fruitful summers: “Here one can live well, in this strong, bright atmosphere, here where nature is amazingly mild and solemn and mysterious all at once,” he wrote. That is precisely the climate that Assayas wants to summon for the movie, and we feel it acutely as Maria and Valentine embark on their regular treks. Here is the true high life—“6,000 feet beyond people and time,” as Nietzsche said, and a rebuff to the ersatz variety in which Maria and her kind, not just in the movie business, and not just in Europe, are consumed.

    See his house

    The ‘Nietzsche Haus’ At Sils-Maria, Switzerland

  • Two films about anxious family life took place at ski resorts .

    Force Majeure directed by Ruben Östlund

    Sister by – Ursla Meier