Goodbye Adam Purple -A Legendary Gardner/Biker

  • Adam Purple, Legendary Gardner 84 is Dead – Was Biking Across Williamsburg Bridge

    Adam Purple

    Adam Purple (died September 15, 2015) was an activist and urban Edenist or “Guerrilla Gardener” famous in New York City from the seventies to the present day. His name at birth was David Wilkie, though he’s gone by many others, including the Rev. Les Ego.

    He is often considered the godfather of the urban gardening movement, and his “Garden of Eden” was a well-known garden on the Lower East Side of Manhattan until it was demolished in January 1986 to make way for low-income housing.[3][5][6][7] He is one of fifty subjects featured in Harvey Wang’s New York, a book of photographs and brief biographies of notable and colorful New Yorkers

    See photo of Adam by Lawrence Swan


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