Gance & Greer, photos by Lartigue & Arbus

  • 1abelganceL
    Photo of Gance by Latigue

    Abel Gance

    (25 October 1889 – 10 November 1981) was a French film director and producer, writer and actor. Pioneer in the theory and practice of montage, he is best known for three major silent films: J’accuse (1919), La Roue (1923), and the monumental Napoléon (1927).

    In his diary, Lartigue – he himself very much the photographer of motion (his mid-air freeze frames of leaping, jumping and throwing, as if to defy gravity, were revolutionary at the time), mobility, speed (car and motor races) and new technologies (the first attempts to fly) – called Gance “a great free bird.”

  • Napoleon’s fantastic dream Abel Gance (Youtube)

  • Artaud
    Antonin Artaud played Marat in Abel Gance’s Napoleon.

  • 1arbusGermaineG
    Germaine Greer photo by Diane Arbus

    Cardiff rejects bid to ban Germaine Greer.

    LONDON — Students at Cardiff University have begun an online petition trying to bar Germaine Greer, the Australian feminist author, from speaking there next month because of her views on transgender women.

    Ms. Greer’s views are well known, but the campaign to bar her from giving a lecture has raised the issue of academic censorship, and the university swiftly rejected the petition in the name of free speech.

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