Polish artist Monika Grzymala – Spatial Drawing

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    ARTIST: Monika Grzymala (Poland) A site-specific work “Raumzeichnung” (outside/inside) over four miles of black and clear tape are given sculptural form, giving the illusion of a 3D structure that stretches from the back of the gallery to the front window. “I describe all of my installations as architectural interventions or spatial drawings, in German Raumzeichnung and in English, Spatial Drawing,” Grzymala explains.The line is one of the most fundamental of shapes when it comes to drawing, perhaps the fundamental—and an exhibition at London’s Lisson Gallery explores this basic construct of art. Called, of course, Line and curated by Drawing Room—a UK-based non-profit gallery dedicated to contemporary drawing—the exhibition explores the work of 15 international artists and their exploration of the line. They include artists like Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, and Tom Marioni.

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