Happy International Women’s day – March 8, 2016 – She has Multiplied, Poem by Anne Waldman + Cinema Stills

  • 1aElvis

  • (Yumi Shirakawa, Hideko Takamine, Yoko Minamida, Misako Uji and Yumiko Hasegawa visiting Elvis.)

  • 1catherineindochine
    Catherine Deneuve and Linh Dan Pham dancing tango from Indochine.

  • 1aBloom
    In Bloom – two young girls growing up in Tbilisi – a debut film by woman director from Georgia when it was ruled under Russia.

  • Meet Nikki Giovanni Poet & Scholar.. (She is so cool).

  • 1aCharulata
    Charulatta – Satyajit Ray

  • <>

    Anne Waldman – Number Song -She Has Multiplied
    I’ve multiplied, I’m 2.
    He was part of me
    he came out of me,
    he took a part of me
    He took me apart.
    I’m 2, he’s my art,
    no, he’s separate.
    He art one. I’m not
    done & I’m still one.
    I sing of my son. I’ve
    multiplied. My heart’s
    in 2, half to him & half
    to you,
    who are also a part
    of him, & you & he
    & I make trio of
    kind congruity.

    N U M B E R
    S O N G

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