Yves Klein – My Paintings are only the ashes of my art – 2018

  • Yves Klein – (wonderful resources)
    Blemheim Exhibition

    Yve Klein 1yveskleinjump Leap to the Void (web ride)

  • My Paintings are only the ashes of my art.
    Yves Klein.

    Yves Klein
    Photo by Rene Burri

  • Yves Klineblueshoes Klein
    interviewed by blue shoes at Chelsea Hotel (photo collage by Fung Lin Hall)

    Yves Klein the Chelsea Hotel Manifesto

    It is necessary to create and recreate a constant physical fluidity in order to receive the grace which allows a positive creativity of the void.

    Judo master 1aababyYveK meditating the void.

  • 1aaJeanTYves
    Jean Tinguley and Yves Klein


    Blue Bunny Klein Homage to Yves Klein

    Yves Klein Blue installation via

    Yves Klein (1928-1962) lived almost as short a life as Mozart and Jesus and Keats, but he lived long enough to make “Yves Klein Blue” his own and to make sure it would still be universally recognized as such more than half a century after his death. – Spencer Alley