RIP Rutger Hauer – Il Futuro, was Based on Roberto Bolano

  • Rutger Hauer

    Andrew Pothecary was asked about this photo on FB (July 24, 2019)

    Around 1990 or so, in London for City Limits magazine.
    I had to photograph him while he was being interviewed – trickier because he was talking – and he’s the only sitter who ever said, “That’s enough”, even though I only took only one roll (12 shots) of medium-format film, and maybe not quite one roll of 35mm and he hadn’t sat still for one of them!
    Anyway, though black and white and grainy, it was used on the magazine cover.

  • Rutger Hauer (wiki)

    Hauer was an environmentalist.[29] Hauer also established an AIDS awareness organization called the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association

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  • Rutger Hauer was in Il Futuro

    Chilean director Alicia Scherson adapts a novel by her celebrated countryman Roberto Bolano.

    The ancient world still holds sway in The Future, Alicia Scherson’s adaptation of a Roberto Bolano novel whose newly orphaned siblings must start to care for themselves amid the ruins of Rome and other faded splendor. Thoughtful and less sensationalistic than its premise might suggest, it’s made for arthouses and offers a fine showcase for costar Rutger Hauer, who holds his own against a beautiful girl who’s usually naked in their scenes together.

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