Bob Dylan – Tight Connection to My Heart

  • (Michael McClure, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg)

    During his 1965 tour with the Hawks, Bob visited Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s book store, City Lights, in San Francisco, and posed in an alley behind the store.
    Bob’s original intention was to use one of the pictures from this session on the cover of his next album, Blond on Blonde.

  • Tight Connection to My Heart directed by Paul Schrader

    Paul Schrader, writer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, and director of late 70s sleaze gems Blue Collar, Hardcore, and the climate dread classic First Reformed, teamed up with Dylan for a doozy of a music video for “Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love),” from 1985’s divisive Empire Burlesque lp. True to form for both artists, the video is an elliptical and visually ambiguous affair, something either half-remembered or imagined all together.

  • (Visiting Rubin Carter)

  • Dylan and Levon Helm

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