Bela Tarr- Satantango, The Turin Horse etc.

  • (Erika Bók in Satantango and The Turin Horse)

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    Werckmeister Harmonies,The melancholy of resistence, from Kinoeye.

    The setting is a provincial town cut off by ice, but there are also unclear rumours of events to come—this time robbery, violence and maybe apocalypse. A travelling circus comes to town offering to exhibit the biggest whale in the world, accompanied by a mysterious and uncontrollable figure referred to as “the prince,” who has the capacity to attract violent followers and whose presence alone is sufficient to trigger his policies of destruction.

  • From an interview with Bela Tarr, not surprisingly Bela Tarr mentioned Robert Bresson, Ozu, Fassbinder and Cassavattes as masters who influenced him.