RIP Michael Lonsdale -Of Gods and Men Actor who was in 3 Films with Delphine Seyrig

  • (Lambert Wilson and Michael Lonsdale in Of Gods and Men)

    IMDB – See his filmography

  • Ronin with Robert De Niro –

  • (The Day of Jackal)

  • India Song

    Gunnar Bjursell (via FB)
    “Michael Lonsdale fell madly in love with Seyrig but could not have her, wherefore he stayed bachelor all his life. “It was her or noone”.

  • Interview Michael Lonsdale (Nov, 2015)

    Interview: Michael Lonsdale on Jacques Rivette’s Out 1, May 1968, & More

    We spoke with the actor about Out 1, his political investments during May ’68, and how France’s current government is a “sad” state of affairs.

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