How to Understand Hélio Oiticica – His Organze Delirium

  • H.Oiticica

    Hélio Oiticica (July 26, 1937 – March 22, 1980)

    Hélio Oiticica (Portuguese: [ˈεlju ɔjtʃiˈsikɐ]; ) was a Brazilian visual artist, sculptor, painter, performance artist, and theorist, best known for his participation in the Neo-Concrete Movement, for his innovative use of color, and for what he later termed “environmental art”, which included Parangolés and Penetrables, like the famous Tropicália.[1] Oiticica was also a filmmaker and write

  • Story of Helio Oiticica and Tropicalia Movement (See a video from Tate. org UK)

  • Helio Oiticica to Organize Delirium

    How to Understand Hélio Oiticica’s Journey From Art Visionary to Coke Dealer and Back Again

    (Hélio Oiticica parading with the Samba School Estação Primeira de Mangueira, Rio de Janeiro, circa 1965-1966. Courtesy the Hélio Oiticica project.)

  • Hélio Oiticica – Dance in My Experience

    Lisson Gallery

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