Emily Mortimer – Leonie, The Bookshop etc.

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    Leonie (Film)
    Written and Directed by Hisako Matsui, Emily Mortimer played Leonie who was the mother of Isamu Noguchi.
    Watch trailer on Kanopy

  • More on Isamu Noguchi (previous post) (Including the Tea Ceremony with Charlie Chaplin)

  • Happy birthday Emily Mortimer! She was great in The Bookshop, Young Adam, The Party, The Match Point, Dear Frankie. etc.

    In 2000, Mortimer met her husband Alessandro Nivola while both were starring in Love’s Labour’s Lost.

  • Emily Mortimer is now directing, In the Pursut of Love (Rolling Stone)

    Emily Mortimer’s Lifelong ‘Pursuit’

    How the actress brought a beloved book from her youth to life onscreen as writer-director of the Amazon miniseries ‘The Pursuit of Love’

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