Pawel Pawlikowski’s Parents & “Cold War”

  • Making Cold War – How Director’s disaster parents became a love story

    Pawlikowski has been trying to tell the story of his parents’ relationship, in one way or another, since he first started making features after an earlier career as a documentarian, although in the past he’s explored it only in the least obvious, most metaphoric sense. Ida, after all, was about a young Polish nun who discovers she’s actually Jewish. His 2004 feature, My Summer of Love, was about lesbian teenagers in an English boarding school (one of them played by a young Emily Blunt). But, until he had a conversation with his friend Alfonso Cuaron, Pawlikowski was unsure about taking on his parents’ 40-year love story in any literal way. “It was too long and messy,” Pawlikowski says of his trepidations. “I didn’t know if I could tell it the way I wanted to.” Cuaron, though (who has his own autobiographical feature out this year, Roma), pushed him to try.

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    Pawel Pawlikowski his early films in England

    With Cold War nominated for major awards at this year’s Baftas and Oscars, the Polish film-maker talks about returning to his homeland, and how a tumultuous family life has made a mark on his work

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