Claes Oldenburg (January 28, 1929 – July 18, 2022)

  • Art in America – Oldenburg and Mouse House

  • (Two pocket sized books – Claes Oldenburg Notes in Hand (spread) and a novel by Harumi Setouchi – photo by Fung Lin Hall)

    Widewalls – Claes Oldenburg

    Claes Oldenburg homepage (He shares with his wife Coosje van Bruggen)

  • Ridiculous costume for Police.New York, 1967
    Ball point pen, typewriter. His note below.

    “You must realize cops are just you and I in uniform. Now I propose then a uniform which is ridiculous. When they do the thing they do, they learned to do,
    namely when they do restrain you and they draw the blood – they look ridiculous. As you and and I if caught drawing , draining blood.”
    Artts Magazine (New York) Summer 1967. p 34.
    The costume is shown on a rack, as it might be hung in the station house.

  • Claes Oldenburg wiki

    And more his giant Wikiart Claes Oldenburg sculptures from here .

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    (Claes Oldenburg, Lucas Samaras, George Segal, Patty Mucha, and Robert Rauschenberg at George Segal’s New Jersey home, circa 1968)