“Land of Dreams” Shiela Vand, Matt Dillon Directed by Shirin Neshat

  • Shirin Neshat Builds a Land of Dreams

  • (Shirin Neshat and Shiela Wand)

    The process of making Land of Dreams was a surreal one, befitting a tale about an Iranian stealing dreams from New Mexican locals for research. Neshat drove from New York and shot the film in seven weeks with a small crew, right before the second wave of the pandemic reached the Southwest, all while “getting people to believe in a film which was about America but made from the perspective of an Iranian American director.”

    Shiela Vand was the girl walks home alone directed by Ana Lily Amirpour

  • Shirin & Matt Dillon

    Matt Dillon
    Verified “What a wonderful experience working with the great artist Shirin Neshat on her film Land of Dreams. A joy to work with!”

  • Isabella Rossellini spoke about “Land of Dreams”

    Then, Shoja, your partner, wrote this film Land of Dreams with Jean-Claude Carrière. So, there was a further connection with close friends and collaborators and now, we are family.
    SHIRIN NESHAT: I’ve also known of you for many years – from your work as a model, then as an actor in Blue Velvet (1986). I was a huge fan. When we started to socialize, I always wondered if I could have the honor to work with you. I was waiting for the opportunity and then came Land of Dreams. The day we finished filming you, we sent a video message to Jean-Claude,who was on his deathbed. He sent a message back and two days later he passed away.

  • Script by Jean Claude Carriere (Previous post)

  • (Photo of Matt Dillon by Masatoshi Nagase)
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