RIP Elsa Dorfman (1937-2020) – Boston Portrait Photographer

May 31st, 2020
  • Elsa Dorfman Homepage
    (Harvey Silverglate, Elsa Dorfman, Allen Ginsberg, December 21, 1995.)

    Eroll Morris (documentary filmmaker on Elsa Dorfman The B-Side)

    Elsa Dorfman

    American portraitist Elsa Dorfman, known for her intimate large-format Polaroids of friends, artists, celebrities, and herself, has died at age eighty-three from kidney failure, the Boston Globe reports.

  • Harvard Magazin on Elsa Dorfman

  • Elsa Dorfman Wiki

    Raising awareness
    Dorfman suggested elements of healing through her work in a variety of ways. She photographed terminal cancer patients, emphasizing their dignity. In 1995, she collaborated with graphic artist Marc A. Sawyer to illustrate the booklet 40 Ways to Fight the Fight Against AIDS. She photographed people, both with and without AIDS, each engaged in one of forty activities that might help AIDS victims in their daily life. The photographs were exhibited 1995 at the Lotus Development Corporation in Cambridge, in Provincetown and in New York City. The artist donated the costs of producing the photographs for this project.[16]

    Dorfman co-starred in the documentary No Hair Day (1999) as she’s taking the portraits of three women undergoing treatment for breast cancer

  • Robert Creeley
    The above image shows two books by
    Robert Creeley, the one pictured is Elsa’s Housebook which I bought on my first trip to Boston.

  • Irm Hermann, who was in 20 Fassinder films passed away

    May 28th, 2020
  • Irm Hermann, actress, Berlin

    Irm Hermann dies aged 77

    The actor, who collaborated with the director on films including Fear Eats the Soul and The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, also featured in Herzog’s Woyzeck

    Irm Hermann wiki

  • Irm Hermann – troubling Fassbinder actress

  • RIP Larry Kramer – Author, Aids Activist

    May 27th, 2020
  • Larry Kramer, Aids activist dies

    Larry Kramer, groundbreaking author and Aids activist, dies aged 84

    Larry Kramer wiki

  • Mark Ruffalo Came To Love Larry Kramer While Making “The Normal Heart”

  • “Larry cried in my arms once. He was so young. I melted.” — Ken Russell

    (via Lisi Tribble)

    Larry Kramer scripted “Women in Love”

    Ken Russell – http://www.mutanteggplant.com/vitro-nasu/2011/11/28/ken-russell-the-mad-music-lover/

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  • Adieu Michel Piccoli (27 December 1925 – 12 May 2020)

    May 18th, 2020
  • Michel Piccoli acting veteran dies aged 94

  • 1aStéphane-Audran-Feet-363791

    Via Wiki Feet (Les Noces rouges Year -Claude Chabrol)
    Michel Piccoli and Audran directed by Buniel

  • Posted by Fung-Lin Hall on Sunday, December 27, 2015

    Posted by Fung-Lin Hall on Sunday, December 27, 2015

    (Vincent, François, Paul and the Others – directed by Claude Sautet)

    He was once married to Juliette Greco, see photo from here.

    Michel Piccoli 10 Eessential Films

    RIP Lynn Shelton, director of Your Sisters Sister, Laggies at 54

    May 16th, 2020
  • Director Lynn Shelton, who brought an independent spirit to film and TV, dies at age 54

    (LA Times)

    (Lynne Shelton, August 27, 1965 – May 15, 2020)

    Photo via

  • Working collaboratively with her actors, discussing with them plot details and allowing them to improvise scenes, she devised a directorial style melding strong narrative hooks with detailed character work and a feeling of sustained intimacy.via

  • Variety obit

    Her career took off after Humpday bowed at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Starring Joshua Leonard, Alycia Delmore and Duplass, it was acquired by Magnolia Pictures for distribution and would screen in the Director’s Fortnight section at Cannes.
    Humpday received the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award in 2010.
    Your Sister’s Sister (2011), a comedic love triangle, starred Duplass, Rosemarie DeWitt and Emily Blunt and premiered at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.
    She followed with Touchy Feely (2013), starring DeWitt in an idiosyncratic story of a massage therapist who develops an aversion to human touch, and Laggies (2014), with Keira Knightley portraying a woman in the throes of a quarter-life crisis.

    Will You Forgive Richard E Grant & US?

    May 5th, 2020

  • Richard E Grant Temple

    May 5 – Happy birthday Richard E Grant.

    A gem of Richard E Grant, Steve Martin Friend Fax Exchange

    Noble in Mind Richard E Grant

    Henry & June

    RIP Irrfan Khan, Life of Pi, Namesake, The Lunchbox

    April 29th, 2020
  • <> <>
    Irrfan Khan Dies aged 53 (The Guardian)
    Irrfan Khan a life in pictures
    Filmography – IMDB

    Two of the films that he has worked on (Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi) collectively won 12 Oscars.


    Khan was known for his nuanced and understated performances, with many calling him one of India’s most talented actors.
    He was so highly respected, director Wes Anderson once wrote him a part just so he could work with him.

    He kept in touch with Mira Nair – who had spotted his talent at drama school but cut him from Salaam Bombay. They would go on to make The Namesake in 2006 and New York, I Love You in 2010.

  • Irrfan Khan: a seductive actor capable of exquisite gentleness
    Peter Bradshaw

  • On being asked regarding his favorite Directors in an interview, Irrfan Khan replied:
    “My favourite director was Stanley Kubrick. Krzysztof Kieslowski. Andrei Tarkovsky… the earlier films of Satyajit Ray… the Apu Trilogy. The first film (Pather Panchali) he did, it was so organic. He learnt it on the job. That has a kind of mystery. He was discovering the craft. Ritwik Ghatak… Meghe Dhaka Tara. I love all his films. I watch it with subtitles.”

  • With Kelly Mcdonald in Puzzle

    RIP Hélène Châtelain, Brian Dennehy Allen Daviau

    April 16th, 2020

  • RIP Hélène Châtelain
    (La Jetee directed by Chris Marker)

  • RIP Brian Dennehy

  • Allen Daviau – cinematographer of E. T. and Empire of the Sun

    Hands Over the City Rod Steiger Directed by Francesco Rosi

    April 14th, 2020

  • (Rod Steiger in Hands Over the City directed by Francesco Rosi)
    Hands Over The City – Criterion

    Rod Steiger is ferocious as a scheming land developer in Francesco Rosi’s Hands over the City, a blistering work of social realism and the winner of the 1963 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion. This expose of the politically driven real-estate speculation that has devastated Naples’s civilian

  • (See full film on youtube)

  • Rod Steiger – April 14, 1925 – passed away 2002. Julie Christie April 14, 1940

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  • (Julie Christie previous post)

  • Hitchcock Meets Stanley Kubrick, Made in Heaven

    April 11th, 2020
  • (More on Stanley Kubrick here)

    Hitchcock Meets Stanley Kubrick

    Watch Stanley Kubrick Meet Alfred Hitchcock in This Trippy Mashup

  • <> <> <>
    (Carey Grant and Danny Kaye and Hitch looked unhappy.)

  • It seemed somehow appropriate to post this sensational behind-the-scenes photo from MADE IN HEAVEN on Easter Weekend. …

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  • Aki Kaurismaki is On the Side of Hope

    April 4th, 2020
  • On the Other Side of Hope

  • (Happy birthday Aki Kaurismaki)

    Le Havre trailer (Aki has no hope for the humankind so he makes a delightful film full of hope and goodness)

    Aki’s loving tribute to Ozu Yasujiro (youtube – a great video)
    (Ozu Yasujiro Archive here)

    His top ten films (Saw Casque d’Or recently becuase of his recommendation)

    The Conversation Piece -Luchino Visconti

    April 2nd, 2020

  • (Burt Lancaster and Helmut Berger)

    Conversation Piece by Luchino Visconti

    Burt Lancaster is a model of subtlety in Visconti’s most candid self-portrait

    A detailed, French-made documentary on Visconti and Conversation Piece is if anything more compelling than the film. We learn of Lancaster’s rushing to the stroke-afflicted Visconti’s side to commit to the film and win Italian producers’ approval, and how, without the director’s knowledge, he undertook to complete work on it if Visconti’s health failed completely. There are excellent testimonials, among others, from Renata Franceschi, script supervisor and speaker of the best-articulated Italian I’ve ever heard, and two of the actors – Patrizi, looking good in the early 2000s, and Berger, decidedly raddled. A short essay by a sober Italian critic adds a few more piquant details to the mix; the only pity is that the nitty-gritty of Visconti’s relationship with Berger is skimped in both extras