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Monty & Monty Socrates

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

3 dogs 3dogs
Spike, Daisy and Monty sunbathing in the backyard.

“I found him” Kaitmonty
This is a true story of how a stray dog found us and chose us to be his family.

On Oct 1, 2010 a cute worn out dirty stray dog charmed our granddaughter in front of our house.
She came running and told us about the dog with no family. He was determined to be adopted by us. We had to take him in. I don’t know how many days he spent on his own. He had bruises, ticks and fleas and he was skin and bones.
We called him Monty and our granddaughter who is four wanted to call him Socrates (she learned from the children’s book about an orphan dog looking for a new home).

Socrates Socrates by Rascal & Gert Bogearts

Our two dogs accepted him . He seemed to experience separation anxiety whenever he was alone. Ten days later while we were away for two hours, Monty Socrates managed to squeeze through the front gate and took off. Probably thinking he was chasing us. He never came back.
We learned about the County animal control facilities where, by law, all stray dogs must be sent. They have two facilities, Phoenix and Mesa.
The first facility, Phoenix, we went was very far away and had 600 dogs. Many of them look ferocious, boxer types. (very depressing place).
We found him at the second facility, Mesa, unbelievable. According to animal control he has caught in Mesa, over ten miles and three freeway crossings away from home. Monty went crazy when he saw us and convinced the handler that he was our dog.

Monty listening to Monty Socrates – (Film still of Monty from ‘I Confess” directed by Hitchcock – a youtube clip here.)

I did check the I Ching when I lost him. I got Peace changing to Returning. I did not want to trust the oracle at the time, for once the I Ching made the right predictions.

Monty & Monty montymonty Socrates

Monty Clift in Search on youtube, his film debut.

Clift’s first movie was opposite John Wayne in the 1948 film Red River which was shot in 1946 and released in 1948. Clift’s second movie was The Search. Clift was unhappy with the quality of the script, and rewrote most of it himself. The movie was nominated for a screenwriting Academy Award, but the original writers were credited. Clift’s performance saw him nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. His naturalistic performance led to director Fred Zinnemann being asked, “where did you find a soldier who can act so well?” (via wiki)

Fred Zinnemann who directed “the Men” also made the “The Search” and “From Here to Eternity”.
Fred introduced Marlon Brando and Monty Clift to the world via Hollywood movies. The two great pioneer actors were both trained stage actors.
(Both Marlon and Monty were born in Omaha, Nebraska – M & M from Omaha.)

Happy New Year!

Patricia Bosworth, Biographer of Marlon, Monty & Diane Arbus

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
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    Patricia Bosworth’s bio of Monty Clift

    Happy birthday Patricia Bosworth April 24 1933

    a contributing editor at Vanity Fair for over two decades, is an award-winning journalist and best-selling biographer and memoirist.

    She was an actress who played a novice in The Nun’s Story (Audrey Hepburn, directed by Fred Zinnerman).

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    Happy New (Y)ear of Earth Dog – 2018 – Communicative, Serious & Responsible

    Thursday, February 15th, 2018
  • Happy New (Y)ear of Earth Dog! starting February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019.
    (Earth dog is Communicative, serious, and responsible in work)

    Spike loved Maria Callas and his family love and miss him forever.


    Ellis began working on the book in 2010 after Kubrick’s death by canine lymphoma as a way of working through his grief over the dog’s death

    Independent filmmaker Sean Ellis (previous post- Metro Manila to Prague)

  • James Dean ‘s dog here.

  • Dog by Ed Ruscha Ed Ruscha Dog

    Oof oof and various cheeses

    Monty andmontymonty Monty Socrates
    Read how Monty Socrates found his family and his brother and sister.

    Best in show – A film clip + fun dog photos and a link to 8 ways to prepare your pets for war.

    Coffee and Cigarettes – Cafe Society + Sartre & John Huston

    Monday, June 20th, 2016
  • 1ablanchett
    Coffee and Cigarettes – Cate Blanchet in two roles.

    Jim Jarmusch dedicated Broken Flower to Jean Eustache

  • <> <>

    The Mother and The Whore directed by Jean Eustache.

  • 1aasartre-beauvoir-picasso-dog
    (Picasso, Beauvoir, Sartre, Camus and Picasso’s dog)

  • 1aasartreBeauvoir
    Simone de Beauvoir – Paris with Sartre, Chicago with Nelson Algren.

  • 1aclift-huston_opt (2)
    Monty Clift as Freud

  • Sartre and John Huston

    Open Culture – Jean Paul Sartre writes a script for John Huston’s film on Freud

    R.I.P Maximillian Schell – Actor, Director, Lover of Music & Art

    Saturday, February 1st, 2014
  • <> <>
    Schell listening to Bernstein on Beethovan – (youtube treasure a must see repost)

    I don’t actually have a profession. I wander through life and through all areas of art,” Schell once said.
    Max played piano.

    R.I.P Maximillian Schell Oscar-winning actor,dies aged 83.

    Mr. Schell sometimes performed as a concert pianist and conductor and appeared with such classical music luminaries as Claudio Abbado and Leonard Bernstein. In the early 1980s, he and Bernstein were co-hosts of a PBS television series in which they discussed the music of Beethoven.

    (His wiki here )

    His film on Marlene was great. See the trailer here (Max shared a birthday with Delmore.)

    How it all started.. his film on Marlene..(Max on youtube)

  • Schell worked with Vanessa Redgrave in many films.. among them Little Odessa directed by John Gray.

  • Max & Monty both were brilliant.

    Full film Judgement at Nuremberg

  • Click to see large
    Photo via
    May Sister Maria

    Maria Schell’s life was filled with romances, loneliness, unrequited love, disappointments, debt, depression, suicide attempts, and an unwillingness to grow old gracefully. Her brother and confidant, actor/director/cowriter Maximilian Schell, blends interviews with staged scenes in this examination of their personal relationship, expressing his great respect for her lifework and the regret he felt at her later failures.

  • Schell made his Hollywood debut in 1958 in the World War II film The Young Lions (1958) quite by accident, as the producers had wanted to hire his sister Maria Schell, but lines of communication got crossed, and he was the one hired.
    Schell ultimately won two more Oscar nominations for acting, in 1976 for Best Actor for The Man in the Glass Booth (1975) and in 1978 as Best Supporting Actor for Julia (1977) (via IMDB)

    Schell as Hamlet
    Flick philosopher
    (Saw his Hamlet with Japanese subtitles.. dialogue in German.)

    Schell collects Josef Albers.

    Maximilian Schell discovered Josef Albers’s Homages to the Square at the Sidney Janis Gallery in the early 1970s, where, every two years, Albers, by then an octogenarian, would present his latest “platters to serve color”. This was the deliberately unpretentious term the artist applied to his unique forays in color presentation that evoked the mysterious interaction of one hue beyond its boundary and into its neighbor’s territory, and that held the film and theater man captive to the poetic possibilities of pure paint applied with technical virtuosity to the panel.

    Schell instantly realized that he had found a level of mastery and subtlety and nuance akin to his own ideals as a director and actor, even in his lesser-known territories of interest as a pianist and an athlete. Schell would point out to people that the difference of less than a split second could distinguish a gold medal winner from one who took a bronze medal in the Olympics, and that an equally minuscule unit of time was the decisive factor in Pollini’s or Abato’s playing of a Mozart piano sonata as opposed to that of a hack. That attention to a mere particle of a second of time represented the level of perfection that Schell sought in every arena of his own life, and he recognized that Josef Albers achieved it, to a tee, in the realm of color.(via)

    RIP Deidre Bair, Passing of Beckett Biographer

    Friday, April 24th, 2020
  • Biographer of Beckett, Beauvoir & Jung, Deirdre Bair Died (NYtimes)
    Irish Times obit

  • Wiki

    Deirdre Bair (21 June, 1935 – 17 April, 2020) was an American writer and biographer. She was the author of six works of nonfiction.
    Bair received a National Book Award for Samuel Beckett: A Biography (1978).[1][a] Her biographies of Simone de Beauvoir and Carl Jung[2] were finalists for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Her biographies of Anaïs Nin and Simone de Beauvoir were chosen by The New York Times as “Best Books of the Year”,

  • On the difficulty of convincing Samuel Beckett of just about anything

    Deirdre Bair, Biographer of Record, Recalls Their First Meeting

    (Literary Hub)

    (Photo of Samuel Beckett by Steve Schapiro)
    Samuel Becket Archive

  • Saul Steinberg

  • RIP Patricia Bosworth April, 2020.
    April 24 – birthday of Patricia Bosworth, biographer of Marlon, Monty and Diane Arbus

  • “S is For Stanley”, an Intimate Documentary film of Stanley Kubrick’s Driver/Handyman/

    Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
  • 1akubrickS-is-for-Stanley
    Emilio D’Alessandro, left, and Stanley Kubrick in the documentary “S Is for Stanley.”
    S For Stanley (See a trailer here)
    S Is For Stanley is a most delightful film, about a competent driver with modest ambition became indispensable to a genius filmmaker.

  • On the floor Stanley Kubrick by Weegee
    Stanley Kubrick photo by Weegee

    Much like Weegee, Stanley Kubrick started his career as a photographer on the streets of New York & contributed era defining shots to LIFE magazine. Kubrick admired Weegee’s photographs & during shooting of Doctor Strangelove employed him as a stills photographer. When Peter Sellers heard Weegee speak he apparently used Weegee’s peculiar voice as the basis for that of Dr Strangelove!

    Kubrick, Carl Jung and Arthur Schnitzler (Previous post)
    Kubrick was thinking a lot about ‘The Shadow Concept’ and decided to explore that in his next war film.

  • 1aBrandoKubrick
    With Marlon during the making of One Eyed Jack.

    How Marlon fired Kubrick

    Unhappy Birthday – Yosemite Park Shuts Down, 2013

    Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
  • Approaching Half Dome click to see large

    <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

    4 Ducks Captain Monty
    leading us to the journey of unknown.

  • See more photos here on FB album (Camping, biking and rafting at Yosemite)

  • Google celebrates Yosemite as Government shuts famous park down.

    Demand pay freeze for congress..Petition sign here..

    Cartoonists take aim at the shutdown.

    R.I.P Susanna York

    Saturday, January 15th, 2011

    Monty and Susanna montysusanna
    Monty Clift played Freud. “Freud” was directed by John Huston.

    R.I.P Susanna York

    Susannah York, the celebrated film and stage actress best known for her role in the film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, has died aged 72.

    She was nominated for “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They’ and her other notable film was “A Man for All Seasons.

  • The Men, the Poet and the Machine

    Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

    Today is Veteran’s Day veteransday2008

    “I am a bad patient’ a clip from The Men (youtube)

    To prepare for the role of a paralyzed war veteran in “The Men,” Mr. Kanfer tells us, Brando checked into the Birmingham Veterans Hospital near Los Angeles, “learned how to live in a wheelchair, wear heavy leg braces, rely only on his arms for movement,” and he picked up from the patients there “a tough, ironic humor drained of lament and self pity.” (via)

    See another clip “I am a bad patient”

    Fred Zinnemann who directed “the Men” also made the “The Search” and “From Here to Eternity”.
    Fred introduced Marlon Brando and Monty Clift to the world via Hollywood movies. The two great pioneer actors were both trained stage actors.
    (Both Marlon and Monty were born in Omaha, Nebraska – M & M from Omaha.)
    Home video of Marlon Brando, Monty Clift and Kevin McCarthy

    (Kevin McCarthy narrated this video. Kevin was a brother of Mary McCarthy).

    Frank O’Hara was a Veteran.

    O’Hara served in the South Pacific and Japan as a sonarman on the destroyer USS Nicholas during World War II.
    With the funding made available to veterans he attended Harvard University. (Wiki)

    Grace to be born and live
    as variously as possible
    O’Hara’s Grave

    (Click to animate) (Mars ice beats like a heart)

    Phoenix Mars Lander is presumed dead.
    Previous post Nasa Digi Day here.