David Markson

David Markson was born on Dec 20, 1927 (Sagittarius with Scorpio Moon ) Bruce Lee who died young share this combo. Unlike ill fated Bruce, David Markson is alive and still writing.

David Markson David Markson

From Elegant variation, do not miss Dalkey’s inteview on David Markson.

What is the point? Stephen Michelmore finds the novel alive and well.

Vanishing Point That Markson achieves this depth of character through a bone-dry catalogue of commentary largely centered on art and death is nothing short of remarkable.

” We were drinking with David Markson, and he had made me sad. ” From hypertext novel The Unknown

“David Markson’s Reader’s Block is written in very short paragraphs.
This is a style whose look is gentle to the eye and visually does not promise a great deal of continuity. ” From Spineless Books

“A novel of intellectual reference and allusion, so to speak minus much of the novel?” from MadInkbeard