Knots – R.D. Laing + Drawing by Louise Bourgeois

Drawing by Drawing by Louise Bourgois Louise Bourgeois.

Positive and Negative Binds

Negative: Can’t win. Everything I do is wrong.
Positive: Can’t lose. Everything I do is right.
I do it, beacuse it is right.
It is right, because I do it.

They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a
game. If I show them I see they are, I
shall breake the rules and they will punish me.
I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.

Knots by R.D. Laing

“The specifically human feature of human groupings can be exploited to turn them into the semblance of non-human systems. ….All those people who seek to control the behaviour of large numbers of other people work on the experiences of those other people. Once people can be induced to experience a situation in a similar way, they can be expected to behave in similar ways. Induce people all to want the same thing, hate the same things, feel the same threat, then their behaviour is already captive – you have acquired your consumers or your cannon-fodder.”
From Politics of Experience, ch.4 1967
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