Glenn Gould as Umeboshi – The Idea of North

“This is Glenn Gould This programme is called The Idea of North. I’ve long been intrigued by that incredible tapestry of tundra and taiga which constitutes the arctic and sub-arctic of our country….”
(From A transcript of the prologue to The Idea of North, a sound documentary by Glenn Gould.)

Glenn Gould’s birthday today (Sept 25, 1932, Glenn was a Libra/Monkey – a glib manipulator).

GG interviews GG

David Teague Interviews David Teague About Glenn Gould

Glenn plays Goldberg Variations 1-7 (youtube)

Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould
Photo collage by a Canadian poet, P.R. Pottelberg (From an ill fated project of mine called icON cOFFin – background images comprise of miniture candy bento, and nothing to do with global warming or the Penguins ).

What is Umeboshi?

Excerpt from a play “Glenn” by David Young
Prodigy The twenty-fifth of September. No Cake, No candles. No celebration. Instead this … this inconsolable longing.
Puritan It was a test. A chance to look at myself on the barren heath, so to speak.
Progidy I feel like I’m circling above my childhood, never finding a place to land except…..
(The Prodigy moves toward the phone again. Should he call?)
Puritan (gaining conviction) The idea of solitude was with me from the very beginning. Isolation was a doorway to ecstasy.

Another excerpt from the same play,
The Perfectionist I believe that all the spiritual energy that has ever been is with us now, radient and invisible. We should not confuse ourselves with these bodies. I am not this body.
I am an electromagnectic field that animates this body.

Phone Fetishist, the Glenn Gould Factor by Margie Borschke

“Phil: Was there ever any kind of relationship between Glenn Gould and John Cage?
Kevin Bazzana: Yes, in fact the intellectual relationship between Gould and Cage is the subject of an article in the next issue of GlennGould which should be published within about a month. There was a brief correspondence between Gould and Cage in the early 1970s at the time of Gould’s CBC Radio Documentary on Schoenberg and Gould interviewed Cage, who was a student of Schoenberg’s, for that documentary.” (from here)

Glenn plays Schoenberg here with Menuhin (youtube)

Love, Russia and the Next Glenn Gould

“Gould’s Solitude Trilogy is a main inspiration for my RNC Protest piece” wrote Christopher DeLaurenti a Seattle composer. (via email)