UK Funny Guys

We had a brief encounter with three moutain bikers from the UK.

Three moutainbikers from the U.K

One more youtube “Nice to meet you.”

We are in a mood for UK humor and fun.

“We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!”

From youtube, a clip from Witnail and I

Witnail’s final monologue in the rain

Click to see The Ten Commandments from Gilbert and George. (Ubuweb movie)
1 Thou shalt fight conformism
2 Thou shalt be the messenger of freedoms
3 Thou shalt make use of sex
4 Thou shalt reinvent life
5 Thou shalt create artificial art
6 Thou shalt have a sense of purpose
7 Thou shalt not know exactly what thou dost, but thou shalt do it
8 Thou shalt give thy love
9 Thou shalt grab the soul
10Thou shalt give something back

Something about Art and Cities (or google Gilbert and George)

David Shrigley selections
Black Snowman******Life and death******Ignore this building

Mountain bikers