Edward Suzuki – Int’l Tokyo Architect

Edward Suzuki

Edward Suzuki won the Chicago 2007 Int’l Architecture Award for best new global design for his Eddi’s House.

Eddie was the Brad Pitt of St. Mary’s in Tokyo. I, among the high school students who attended catholic school at St Maur’s in Yokohama, admired him from afar. Like Brad Pitt, Eddie is humble, good, smart and accessible. Unlike Brad Pitt who is trying to become an architect, Eddie is a prominent, successful International architect (went to Notre Dame and Harvard). Eddie is hapa (German-Japanese) who took his Mother’s name to help him navigate in postwar Japan.

His new astro profile – Virgo/Pig THE BOHEMIAN PURIST (9/18/47)

Edward Suzuki applies his principles of “anarchitecture” to three recent projects. (includes related articles) (New Design in Japan) – via

His gallery is here.