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Act Natural C-print by Miranda July 2003
Miranda July photo July Act Natural

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How about a Mini-retrospective for Miranda July?

1, On the pedestal the artist stands tall


All Story by Miranda July The Shared Patio
He is in love with me but he doesn’t know it. It still counts even though it happened when he was unconscious. It counts doubly because the conscious mind often makes mistakes, falls for the wrong person. But down there in the well, where there is no light and only thousand-year-old water, a man has no reason to make mistakes. God says do it and you do it. Love her, and it is so. He is my neighbor. He is Korean. His name is Vincent Chang. He doesn’t do hapkido. When you say the word Korean some people automatically think of Jackie Chan’s South Korean hapkido instructor, Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim; I think of Vincent. (read more here.)


THE SWAN TOOL This breath-taking new multi-media performance by video artist Miranda July can best be described as a “live movie”. THE SWAN TOOL combines video, performance, live music and new digital architecture to tell the story of a woman working in an insurance company. Lisa (played by July) cannot decide whether to live or die. Rather than choose, she digs a hole in her backyard and buries herself. Following the self-burial she attempts to continue living and working, but the thing in the hole will not die and she is unable to forget about it.
(Via Eye and Ear September 2001)

4, Listen to Bruce Lee, Goldfish by Michael and IcanJapan from MyspaceMirandaJuly

5, Missed her award winning film? Trailer here.

Miranda July is Aquarius/Tiger (Feb 15, 1974) –
THE ERRATIC TRENDSETTER – an innovator and a revolutionay.