Eyes for the Voice – Fred McDarrah

Remembering Fred W. McDarrah (1926-2007) – A slideshow.
The Voice work of the iconic photographer, from Bob Dylan to Andy Warhol to Rudy Giuliani

Obit and photo of Fred here (Ron Silliman)

Jack Kerouac Jack Kerouac photography by Fred McDarrah creating a poem with Gloria McDarrah (Image Source)

De Kooning photography by Fred McDarrah

De Kooning in His Broadway Studio, March 23, 1962
Vintage gelatin silver print, printed 1962

<><><>Susan Sontag  photography by Fred McDarrah
Susan Sontag at a symposium on sex in 1962 at the Mills Hotel, now defunct, on Bleecker Street. (Image source from NY Times “On Self” by Susan Sontag)

Cedar Bar Cedar Bar photography by Fred McDarrah is closing

Frank O’Hara, Barbara Guest (center) at the closing of the Cedar Bar, New York, 30 March, 1963, detail, photo copyright © Fred W.McDarrah, 1963, 2000 (Jacket Magazine)

Six Pop Artists at Warhol Loft Party, April 21, 1964 (click to see)
Pop Quiz – Name other five artists in this photo.

Lovely Eva Hesse with her sculptures using fragile material, (little did she know that these would eventually disintergrate.)