Gif Collection II

Kenneth Noland Kenneth Noland from Anaba.

Click on HO HO HO Happy action gif and Well well well Melancholy – they are a few of my favorite gif animations from Hans Heiner Buhr.

Jarmananimation In the spirit of Derek Jarman

Alice by Jan Svankmajer. (via)Alice by Jan Svankmajer

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla

On Dec 25 2007, Louise Bourgeois will be 96 years old, Happy Birthday Loubou.
Louise Clowning (This is a repost.)

Let us not forget Quentin Crisp who was also born on Dec 25.
He said England was a mistake.
A real cool gif map to find his apartment.
The trailer for Orlando is at Sally Potter’s homepage. Watch Quentin Crisp as the Queen of England.

Grayland and Gif Collection I – (enough motion already)