Happy Rat Year

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Rat Dude is on sale.

Before Banksy there was Blek Le Rat

I am Blek le Rat. I am a French graffiti artist. I was one of the first artists to use stencils for an artistic purpose in Paris in the beginning of the 1980s—in ‘81 exactly. At first, I put rats and I made them run along the wall. I wanted to do a rat invasion. I put thousands all over Paris.

Between me and my heart there is nobody – Blek Le Rat on youtube

It is worth noting that the Rat Brigade did not discriminate on the basis of species.

Monkey on high bike monkey on high bike
The above image from A Speculative History of Rat patrol

Chinese New Year Rat Happy Rat Year 2008

Chinese New Year 4706, which begins Thursday, is the Year of the Rat, which holds a place of honor as the first creature in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Porcile and Earthly Delight – last Chinese New Year post

Update:Not everyone is celebrating New Year in China
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