Sun Rings and Dracula

Kronos Quartet plays Sung Rings composed by Terry Riley

(Fresh from youtube, this clip was added just a few days ago on Feb 18, 08.)

Sun Rings by Terry Riley

This is a multi-media work for string quartet, chorus, and pre-recorded sounds. Those sounds include recordings by NASA spacecraft journeying through space e.g. ambient space sounds found in plasma around the planet Jupiter. The sounds have been a part of Don Gurnett’s research at the University of Iowa. Willie Williams did the visual design. Williams was notably the visual designer on U2’s Zoo tour among other rock shows.
Riley also sought inspiration after the events of 9/11, seeking meaning from the universe.

Dracula Enters

Several years ago we saw Kronos perform this piece by P. Glass while they sat behind the huge film screen. Instead of paying attention to their music, we had to stay focused on this famous silent classic. It was an annoying concept where music becomes just a soundtrack or background music.

Yesterday on Feb 22,08, Kronos Quartet played John Adams at Carnegie Hall

Tonight, they perform world premieres that hammer this point home. John Adams, that longstanding titan of American minimalism, brings gravitas to the program with his compact, exhilarating new work, Fellow Traveler.

Nixon in China by John Adams is here. (Previous post)