Mom Is A Free Spirit

Val Foubert & Jim Wichterman taught English and Philosophy in ‘Anarchist Alley’ at Mercer Island High School. Each influenced Stanley Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, who graduated in 1960. They collaborated in nurturing her independence of mind. (via)

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“She was a scholar who was one of the first to see about microbanking,” Neil Abercrombie says.

Barack Obama’s trubute to his mother (youtube)

Stanley Ann Dunham stanley

She was just too cool – from Dana Stevens at slate

Somewhere around the words “peasant blacksmithing,” I found myself thinking, “This man can never be president. His mother was just too cool.” American presidential mothers don’t drift bohemianly around the globe, marrying and divorcing foreigners, working for Third World development banks and discussing “esoteric Indonesian woodworking techniques” with their daughters. They are not named Stanley.

<> <> <>Obama is plugged in to America
Obama is plugged in to America

Obama and Aloha shirt retrospective cot32

“I need a breath of fresh air” Barack’s niece danced naked in front of a security guard, Maya Soetoro-Ng (Barack’s sister) also talked about her brave mother who loved to watch the moon.

Theres no one as Irish As Barack O’Bama
Moneygall is the village where Barack Obama’s great great great great grandfather Fulmuth Kearney emigrated from.

Obama Champon looks like a regular ramen.
Obama city in Japan has already cashed in. (See this youtube coverage in Italian)

Obama wrote the letter in English but signed it in Japanese, “Your friend”.
“We share more than a common name; we share a common planet and common responsibilities,” Obama wrote in the letter.

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